1 Corinthians 16:13-14 "Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Trip to the North

This past weekend, Suzanne and I had the opportunity to take a trip to Northern Uganda and visit some friends of ours. They live in Gulu. Gulu is about six hours North of where we live in Kampala. It was heavily affected by the long war that took place here and the people are now starting to show signs of recovery.

Our friends, Keith and Lisa, have lived up there since 2006 and have seen a lot of change. They have invited us up there several times, but it wasn't until now that we had the opportunity to go and visit. On Saturday night, we went out to the village to show the Jesus film. Now, let me tell you, this was a proper village. No electricity, no running water, mud huts to live in and almost nobody spoke English. It was a wonderful time! There were about 100 children that showed up for the film and about 250-300 adults that made the trip to see it. The nice thing is, we just hung a white sheet between two trees, started up a generator, plugged in the overhead projector and the movie was on an iPod. The people loved it and many gave their lives over to Christ that night and some the next morning.

The next day, Sunday, we had the opportunity to go to a village church. This was a great experience. The mud hut was about 30 feet long and about 15 feet wide. They had straw mats on the ground so people can sit and listen to the message. Keith had asked me if I wanted to give the message that morning and I was proud to oblige.

These people were hungry for the Word of God and needed encouragement. The teaching was on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5:1-16 encouraging these Christians how to live in this world but with their eyes on heaven. You see, the Muslims are starting to outnumber the Christians in the North. It is hard to go over 100 meters and not see a mosque. Though they are not persecuting the Christians, they are starting to overwhelm them with sheer numbers.

It was awesome to see the hand of God work in these fellow Christian's lives. Please pray for them to continue strong in the faith and to finish their race with joy.

Grace and Peace,