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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chuck Smith: A Memoir of Grace


This was probably one of the most inspiring books that I have read as Chuck opens himself and his faith in God for all to see. It takes you from the beginning of his life and how influential his parents and siblings were in every area of his upbringing. I persoanlly love how Chuck opens up to the reader and allows us to see the personal internal struggles that he and Kay went through while starting his ministry. It is encouraging to know that Chuck Smith, as popular and loved as he is today, started off trying to find where the Lord wanted him to be. It didn't happen overnight as it took him almost two decades to come to the realization that God called him to a grace filled life; and to teach others the same things.

One theme that is repeated over and over again is "everything is preparation for something else." We may not know or understand what God is doing in our lives right now, but we must have the faith to know that He is in control and that He has the plans for us. It is that faith and hope that I found while reading these pages.

 Thank you Chuck.

Grace and Peace

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Jennifer said...

I'll look into this Bob. Thanks for the summary Chuck is definitely someone I think I'd get along with really well out of all the pastors I've had the chance to read about and get to know. I'm really enjoying Kay's book, Pleasing God, she's quite a wonderful gal.

Jennifer C.